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What's the injection molding ? ?

Injection molding starts small pellets compounded to meet certain physical. these pellets are then dried and fed into a hopper, which allows the plastic to be gravity fed into the feed throat of the machine. the machine then melts the plastic in a heated barrel, and injects it under high pressure out of the barrel and in to your mold cavity. the injected plastic quickly fills the cavity (or cavities), and is then allowed to cool while the machine fills its barrel for the next cycle. As the plastic cools, it changes back to a solid. After a set amount of time, the mold opens, exposing the part, and hydraulic ejector pins push the part out of the cavity.

How do I know if injection molding is the right process for my product? ?

If you need high production, low parts cost, and repeat-ability in your product, injection molding may very well be what you are looking for. There is also geometric consideration for an injection molded parts. For instance, you cannot injection mold a bottle, which is blow molded, and you shouldn't injection mold long profiles home decor ideas, like a widow frame or a pipe. Those are extruded.

What is the typical process of a new project ? ?

It usually begins with a CAD file, a drawing (anywhere from a fully dimension, computer generated one to a penciled napkin), or a prototype. we then collect the data required for an injection mold quote and any material requirements you may have. Once we have all of the information we need, we will complete your quote. if the project is approved we can arrange meeting to finalize all technical and financial procedures.

What Type of Services Can Egymold Offer? ?

3D Design Egymold’s design team has years of collective experiences in 3D solid modeling software programs like NX, SolidWorks, Powershape, Solidedge and more. Engineering Egymold’s engineering staff has experience developing many different mold technologies. Our mold engineering staff offers creative design and mold technology solutions to the most challenging molding/manufacturing issues. Every project is managed with a team that includes design and engineering professionals. Manufacturing All molds and products are assembled and tested before shipping. Critical and complex parts are achieved in our workshop by the machines that best suits your application. Only top quality and reliable brands are used to ensure prolonged product life. Egymold’s in-depth experience with a variety of state-of-the-art mold technologies ensures meeting customer’s requirements with innovative, creative, out-of-the-box solutions. Whether you need a single-cavity, single face pre-production mold or a 128 cavities stack mold, egymold's expertise can provide the technology suitable for your application. Installation On-site assembly is supervised and done by our experienced team. After-Sales A dedicated team of professionals in Egymold is present to take care of your spare parts orders on a timely manner.