3D Software

EGY-MOLD's design team has years of combined experience in state-of-the-art software programs, including the latest 3D Solid Modeling software systems from NX and Solidworks to design, dimension and tolerance each mold and document every detail.

Advantages :

- Exacting tolerancing
- Mold Documentation for Quick Reference
- State-of-the-Art 3D Solid Modeling
- Innovative mold design


EGY-MOLD's engineering staff has experience developing many different mold technologies. Working with the design team, our mold engineering staff can offer creative design and mold technology solutions to your most challenging molding/manufacturing issues. Every project is managed with a team that includes design and engineering staff.

Advantages :

- Engineered to provide optimum in molding production
- Creative solutions to challenging molding issues
- Project management dedicated to your project through to completion


Customer Communications is the responsibility of the sales and project management team. Project managers are responsible for gathering information, disseminating information to the relative internal group and keeping the customer informed.

Advantages :

- We follow all projects by internal progress report to ensure the work following the schedule
- Design reviews are scheduled and conducted by the Project Managers
- Everyone involved in the project is on the same page to ensure accurate and timely information.

     Mold Manufacturing

EGY-MOLD's wide-ranging experience with a variety of state-of-the-art mold technologies means we can meet your requirements with innovative, creative, out-of-the-box thinking. Whether you need a single-cavity, single face pre-production mold or a 128 cavities stack mold, EGY-MOLD's expertise can provide the technology suitable for your application.


On-site assembly is supervised and done by our experienced team.


A dedicated team of professionals in Egymold is present to take care of your spare parts orders on a timely manner.