Injection Molding

Ideal for the production of large quantities of thermoplastics, some thermoplastics and plastics. It is used to produce household equipment, automotive components, plastic pipe fittings, irrigation applications, valves, and much more. Suitable for a large variety of plastic such as: ABS, PC, PVC, PP, PS, polyamides, polyester and much more.

     Blow Molding

Ideal for high volume production of medium sized bottles. Possible applications include water bottles, sports bottles, medicine bottles, bitumen bottles, gas bottles, some cases and more. It is best suited for PET, PE, PP, nylon (polyamides), HDPE and more.

     Brass Over/In-molding

Ideal for high volume production of products with brass inserts. Egymold is a pioneer in designing and building molds as well as automated molding systems to accommodate this technology. Other in-mold technologies include in-mold closing of closures with living hinges, and in-mold assembly. Just about any application you can think of can be performed using in-mold technology to reduce manufacturing costs, improve quality and differentiate your brand. It is used widely in PP-R fitting molds and might be utilized for other applications.

     Mold Technology

Stack Molds
Some applications call for high part volume in a limited foot-print because of press constraints and to keep costs-to-manufacture low. In those instances a two-face stack mold might be the ideal solution. EGY-MOLD can design and build the right mold for the application to meet your manufacturing requirements.

     Unscrewing Molds

Not every mold manufacturer has expertise in designing and building unscrewing molds. Cap and Closure molds, and other products with threads, are EGY-MOLD's forte' , and we have built many precision, multi-cavity unscrewing molds to accommodate these applications. Our expertise in this technology has been developed over many years of working with packaging OEMs to the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries to provide fast-cycling, precision unscrewing molds.

Spin Stack Molds
EGY-MOLD is licensed to use the Spin Stack technology that offers multiple operations in a rotating, four-face cube mold decorating/labeling, assembly and other 'secondary' in-mold operations to reduce manufacturing costs and improve quality.

     PTFE Gasket Molding

We employ high-tech machines for PTFE products used in all application with a very wide range of sizes and designs that abide by the international standards. Widely used in valve applications to avoid leakage.

     Continuous Casting

Is used for producing round, square and flat bars from liquid alloys with a wide range of dimensions and lengths. You can order the cross section that works for your application whether hollow or solid.

     Die Casting

Our proprietary multi-slide die casting process and superior thin-wall capabilities make us the foremost supplier of for complex net-shaped geometries with a broad range of consumer applications such as faucets and knobs. Die-Casting molds are designed and manufactured in our facilities.


Forging is used in high pressure applications in the valve and fitting industry because of their superior mechanical properties and freedom from porosity. Corrosion and heat-resistant materials are generally used for valve bodies and stems, flanges, tees, saddles, elbow reducers, and other fittings. forging molds are designed and manufactured In our facilities.

     CNC Lathe Turning

Used for a wide range of applications and widely used in valve cores and accessories.


With one of the largest and most advanced electroplating lines in the middle east, we ensure the best plating and surface treatment to your products according to international standards of quality and competence.